Welcome to the Dapper Arts!

Welcome to the Dapper arts! As time goes on, everything seems to get less formal, and it gets harder to find ways to be manly in our world today. So here is a place for good design, quality art, and beautiful tools.

My name is Elliott I’ve been a farmer, a woodworker, a gardener, a designer, a seamster, a writer. a printer, and I will be many more things for as long as I live. 2020, while terribly challenging has given me ways to be creative that I hadn’t expected when the year dawned. So now, as we hopefully consign 2020 to the history books, to be replaced by its less alliterative sibling, I’m launching my own public space to talk about what I value in design, share the projects I’m working on, and place the art I make, and the tools I collect into the public market space.

There are so many ways we can each take possession of our lives and make them creative places that bring us joy. I hope this place gives you ways to unlock your creativity, and learn.

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